10 Things That Require Zero Talent

10 Things That Require Zero Talent

10 Things that require zero talent - this list has popped up for years on LinkedIn and online. I believe it has a great deal of merit. I have a challenge for you: put these puppies into practice for a month and see if you notice some SUPTA changes in your life! 


Being On Time

I grew up with a Dad who was always late and it used to drive me bonkers. As I've gotten older, I have realized that your word is one of the few things you have to stand on. Being late communicates a great deal…and none of it is good! When you are late, it shows people your level of integrity and respect for others. Being late tells others that you think that your time is more important than theirs, and whatever you are doing is more important than what they have planned. 

Work Ethic 

Employers greatly value employees who understand and put forth the willingness to work hard. It is a choice that each and every person can individually make. My grandmother used to say that you should arrive before your boss and that you should leave after your boss. You should know your boss's coffee order and be willing to make copies at the printer. Being a dependable and hard-working person is a trait that is seemingly harder to come by these days! 



You really do get an "A" for effort if you actually exude it! Without effort, no other value matters. Working on our own weaknesses is a constant challenge and also something that we will never completely overcome; however, in order to reach our potential, we must put forth effort. 

I (along with 98% of the rest of the population) can be found guilty of envying some of the greatest athletes, executives and entrepreneurs in the world and automatically think how wonderful it must be to walk a mile in their shoes. What most don't see is the sacrifice, work, and most importantly, the insane amount of effort that was required for 20-plus years, every day of their lives for those folks to get where they currently are today.

With effort, you end up being someone you are proud of! 

Body Language

Channeling my inner Ursula here: You'll have your looks, your pretty face...and don't underestimate the importance of body language, ha!"

Body language is a language without spoken words, it is called non verbal communication. We use it all the time in our social and business lives --- our gestures, movements, and expressions deliver specific messages to other people. A handshake, a bow, and a kiss are all greetings in different cultures, but if performed with confidence, they are warm and inviting. Standing with confidence is the first step: stomach in, chest out, shoulders back, and head up. If you present someone new with a confident stance, a warm greeting, and follow it with a smile and eye contact, then you've likely hit a home run! 


High energy people can bring out the best in others and transform their environments by instilling confidence, building teamwork, increasing innovation, all while entertaining, engaging, and educating others. They are typically intense, eager and appreciative, highly communicative, focused on team results, but also in tune with the needs of individual contributors, and are firm in their vision for excellence. Really, what's not to like? 


Monitoring your attitude might be the single most effective way to turn your life around (or turn that frown upside down)! We all know that being positive doesn't just happen overnight, it takes work. We all also know that everyone loves having positive people in their lives! 

Here are a slew of reasons why you should focus on positivity: Positive people are healthier and generally live longer and are in better financial positions. Having a positive attitude means that more people want to be around you which would aid in greater productivity. Positive people are able to overcome obstacles and have meaningful relationships. They generally have an active mind as they are always seeking to learn more about the world around them. 



Passion is the energy that keeps us going, that keeps us filled with meaning, and happiness, and excitement, and anticipation. Passion is a powerful force in accomplishing anything you set your mind to, and in experiencing work and life the fullest extent possible. You can be just as passionate about sweet potato fries as you are about marketing...maybe you can find a way to combine your passions? The most interesting people that I know, find a way to marry their interests and passions. 

Ultimately, passion is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us all to live better lives. So be passionate...even if it is about sweet potato fries! It makes you interesting! 

Being coachable

I can remember my Dad trying to teach me Statistics in high school. Most of what I remember were the tears that I shed and how I thought he was the worst tutor in America. I had to learn to be coachable in order for any of his work to sink in. The secret to achieving my success, was to suck up my pride and ego, and become vulnerable.

Did I do it? No. I struggled to get a "C". What did I learn? 

Being coachable doesn’t mean you have surrendered and don’t have an opinion of your own. It means you have the awareness, perseverance and determination to seek out someone to help you be better. It means you’re willing to have a discussion about something that might help you improve a skill or part of your life you WANT to improve.

Doing extra

When you give people more than they expect to receive, happiness follows. Think about it...have you ever ordered something and it came with a thank-you gift? How likely were you to want to engage with that brand again? Doing something unexpected (in a good way) increases satisfaction, loyalty, trust, and spend (in the business world). Going above and beyond will also make you feel good. Just try it out! 

Being prepared

Last, but not least, preparation. Being prepared may seem dull and boring at first, but it is a vital skill that can be polished over time. I was never a Boy Scout, but I see very clearly how preparation can lead to focus and a proper pace, ensuring that all objectives are met. Being prepared can help you plan and prioritize, which will help you work toward your greatest #goals.

Meghan Ann Martin