I'm like, "Hey, what's up, hello"


[ (M)eghan +(A)nn + (M)artin ]

Hi there - I'm Meghan Ann (or MAM). I'm a yogi, mindfulness maniac, and fellow ATLien with puns in my pocket! Obsessed with: rap music, dark chocolate, connecting the community, and good old fashioned snail mail.

When not running around (dare I say it?) HOTlanta, you'll catch me prancing around in some super sexy flannel PJ's snarfing dark chocolate out of my underwear drawer and petting my pup, Patton (as in Daddy Fat Sax and NOT General George) -- OR whipping up a tasty treat in the kitchen with my handsome husband, Ben. I’m a punny gal, a yogi, a mindfulness blogger, and a wellness enthusiast-- plus, you can always count me in for any wheels-up adventure. I’m a teacher, a storyteller, an amateur gardener, a dog-loving, dark chocolate connoisseur, and rap aficionado.

My yoga style? It’s raw, real, and authentic. I'm imbalanced and I'm imperfect. The "ta-da" poses and doing yoga in a white leotard on a sandy beach are not what made me fall in love with the practice. My teaching goal is to encourage my students to foster a connection with themselves. In yoga and in meditation, everything has it's place and it must be approachable, or folks will simply give up, or not even roll out their mats. I want to keep it simple - I won't make you chant, but I'll likely make you laugh because in yoga and in life I believe:

"Everything in moderation...including moderation"

Years from now, I want you to look back and know that the investment that you made in your health and happiness was the best ROI you could ask for! Just like the lotto - yogata' play to win!


[ yog(a) + (A)tlanta ]

So what is yogATL? My father would hate this - I can hear him now: "Enough of the preamble,"but I think that I need to start at the beginning:

Around 22, I started running. I got into yoga as cross-training and was quickly hooked. The next several years consisted of over a thousand hours of on and off the mat training and teaching. Those years were instrumental in learning about myself, meeting like-minded yogis , watching Atlanta thrive, and developing a meditation practice that revealed to me the need for a convenient and approachable yoga and meditative experience.

yogATL was born. I picked up the phone and "dialed for dollars," calling instructors I'd trained with, instructors who taught me, mentors, gurus, (and my insurance agent) and requested they join me in creating on-demand experiences for the Atlanta community. Essentially, I took my 1,000+ hours of training and multiplied it to ensure that clients would have the most well-qualified yoga instructor who could come to them on a moment's notice. No more checking MindBody for class times or searching for studios that offer the style of yoga you are wanting . yogATL is a collective group of talented, educated, trained, and insured local Atlanta instructors banded together to create the tailored yoga experience you desire . AND we volunteer around the community and partner with non-profits. Are you OM board yet?

I'm not an optimist, I'm a realist...and I have a passion for yoga, wellness, and meditation. I want to share these practices with the community that has afforded me so much opportunity. yogATL is a multifaceted business built on authenticity and working to connect the ATL. Watching folks growing in their practice and deepening their love and appreciation for both themselves and those around them makes me feel all the feels. What are you waiting for?

"Let's get down, dog!"

Hart RobertsYogATL