How to connect with your living space

"On this episode of MTV Cribs”…OM em gee! Just joking! 

Alright mindful maniacs — in order to better connect with the outer world, oftentimes turning our attention inward is the best first step. Even the most outgoing extroverts will benefit from a deeper connection with their space because it ultimately helps to foster an intimate relationship with the individual. We have all heard the expression that we are a product of our environments — I’ve outlined 10 ways to create a more mindful connection with your crib... 

Let Sunlight In.JPG

1. Let Sunlight In.

Have you ever heard the song: “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”? Well, I’m not only humming it to myself now, but I do my best to put it into practice. Open your window in your home. Have reflective items in your homes - crystals, mirrors, buy flowers, etc). When you have a natural light sources in your space, allow that to be a focal point!


2. Empty your dirty clothes hamper.  

Make a commitment to do a load of laundry every day. You’ll notice a couple of things: You will start changing your sheets more regularly. You will create a routine. You will eliminate stress and clutter and develop a sense of accomplishment. 

Wash Your Bowls.JPG

3. Wash Your Bowls. 

“Bowls, bowls, all types of bowls”. Much like emptying your dishwasher, you will want to clean your sink each night. Putting away dishes each night allows you to wake up to a clean kitchen.

Set A Timer.JPG

4. Set A Timer.

Wind up a kitchen egg or set a timer on your watch/phone for 3 minutes. Tackle ONE chore for three minutes without interruption. You can even sing Barney’s “clean up” song if you wish. Once the three minutes is up - you’re done. Let your mind focus on one task at a time. Do it and do it well. 

Make Your Bed.JPG

5. Make Your Bed. 

This is just like emptying your dishwasher or doing your laundry each night. I can’t tell you how many studies I have read that say that a successful day starts with making your bed (even if you crawl back in it at 2pm for an afternoon nap). Trust me, you’ll feel better if you do. 


6. Let Darkness Come. 

“Darkness everybody, darkness!" Three words: Black. Out. Curtains. These will be your best friend in the summer. Allow your body to rest according to your natural circadian rhythm. It is truly important to strive for at least 7 hours of rest each and every day because that is the time our body uses to restore itself. Also, turn off all of your electronics an hour before bed. Try (dare I say it) reading to help you fall asleep!  

Rake Leaves.JPG

7. Rake Those Leaves. 

“I tell all my ____, rake it up”. Getting outside and raking leaves will help you to beautify the outside of your home. You can tend to the outside of your home any time of year (picking up limbs, weeding, planting flowers, etc), it doesn’t have to be during the Fall. A well-kept exterior will make you more motivated to keep the interior looking decluttered — go get that timer! 😉

Listen to Music.JPG

8. Music. 

Hum, dance, wiggle, twerk…do what you wish when no one is watching. Play music in your space. Interact with the objects around your home (do a summersault on your couch and kick your legs up into the air or stick your feet up the wall and wiggle your toes)! Music has the ability to connect directly to your senses!

Sit With Yourself.JPG

9. Sit. 

Enjoy your space - however big or however small. Sit with yourself. Find a location that you can be alone without interruption that is quiet and calming. If you don’t have a space like that - make one! This will help you start the journey toward meditation. Mindfulness without meditation is just a word.


10. Sleep. 

“Go to sleep ___, go to sleep. If you’re tired, be quiet and go to sleep”. This goes along with allowing darkness into your space. Sleeping is so very important for a variety of reasons: it boosts your mood, improves your memory, curbs inflammation, sharpen’s attention, etc. The list goes on and on. Get your sleep in your space!

There you have it. 10 ways to connect with your crib. Let a little of the outside in and a little of the inside out and you’ll be happier for it.