18 Resolutions for 2018


There are opposing schools of thought surrounding New Year’s resolutions: It is a task accompanied with hope and promises to be more successful, productive, and loving vs. It is a senseless chore that most people fail to deliver on. I am in the first category. While I know that less than 10% of folks who set resolutions achieve them, and that 50% of folks who make resolutions can’t even remember their promises, I choose the glass half full option.


Why would you not want to actively infuse yourself with extra motivation in chasing your dreams? Even if you seem to set the same goals every year, that simply means that these are important areas of focus in your life. If you forget what your resolutions were from the previous year, repetition is one of the greatest learning tools — c’mon, the memory game?!? Studies show that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. Here are mine for 2018 — I can’t wait to hear yours!


1. Negotiate a raise. Do the research. Get your facts in line. Ask for what you deserve (even if it is scary). 

2. Write to mother & grandmother and tell them how influential they have been in my life. I did this for my Dad last year. Continuing the trend. 

3. Buy myself a once-a-week treat. Flowers, manicure, pedicure, latte, etc. Treating myself makes me feel special. I don’t need anyone else to do this for me. 

4Explore a new city. I like to travel every year either with family, my husband, or friends! It expands my horizons and makes me appreciate all of the joy and gifts I have in my life. 

5. Throw out/Donate clothes/items every season. If I haven’t worn it or used it in a season - it goes to Goodwill. Downsize and minimize.

6. Focus on intimacy in relationships. Healthy sex with a partner is important, but foreplay starts with the morning dishes. My relationship with my husband must stay top of mind when thinking about expanding our family. Every interaction is important and should build on a foundation of love.

7. Master a new recipe. Have a trademark recipe that people request at gatherings…(something other than GF Oreo balls - check out how to avoid food guilt here). 

8. Finish 1 book/month. Joining a bookclub has been amazing. I’m looking forward to 2018. First up: “The life she was given."

9. Reduce F-Bombs. I know this sounds silly, but being polite and having good manners are important. I honestly don’t swear that frequently, but reducing my verbal pollution seems like something a 30 year old should have a handle on! 


10. Meditate 3x/week. I’m pretty good about meditating in giant chunks, but I think it would be more digestible if I was able to break it into smaller sessions. Learn how to start meditating here.

11. Buy an alarm clock and remove electronics from the bedroom. Aim for 8 hours of quality sleep at night - remove lights, phones, and computers. The older I get, the more I value and NEED sleep. 

12. Express myself artistically. Opting out of commitments that no longer serve me was a big 2017 goal. I would like to use the time I spent on these commitments to redevelop my art skills. 1 painting a quarter might be a goal that I strive to achieve. 

13. Implement a 9 to 9 rule. No email or phone calls in between these hours. 

14. Do something selfless for the planet or the people living on it. Continue to reduce my plastic usage and find another way to give back. 

15. Update my investments. I’m great about saving and have had a financial advisor for years, but this year I want to challenge myself to do my homework and invest my money independently. That way I don’t lose a percentage of what I am saving/earning. Every little bit adds up!  

16. Grow something green. - An indoor herb kit counts! It will also help you to connect with your living space.

17. Go to lunch 1x/week. This will increase my budget, but it will also increase my happiness. I eat lunch at my desk Monday - Friday. Having more variety in my meals and my scenery would serve me well.  

18. Read every night. Even if it is just one page...

Meghan Ann Martin