Avoiding Food Guilt

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The holidays can be a daze. The pressure to create the “perfect" holiday can be enormous and that pressure can become anxiety inducing. As a source of comfort, many folks turn to food. We are all guilty of eating and drinking too much and then beating ourselves up over it. It is a vicious cycle. Food guilt can be debilitating. Make time this year to de-stress during the holidays and avoid fatigue as well as over-indulgence followed by guilt. 

Instead of shamefully shunning yourself, remember that no food is “good” or “bad.” There are things that are healthy for your individual body and other things that aren’t as healthy for your individual body. Resist the urge to govern foods into good and bad groups and challenge yourself to remember that all foods can fit in your life. Everything in moderation…including moderation. 😃

Here’s how to forego the food guilt:


Get plenty of sleep leading up to the holidays.

Solid snoozing will help support your immune functioning and combat all of the food and drinks that are consumed on a systemic level. 

Simple Breakfast_edited.JPG

Start your day with something healthy.

Consider having your normal breakfast — whatever that looks like for you: yogurt, fruit, eggs and bacon, avocado toast, smoothie, etc. That way, you know that you are ingesting a solid base of nutrients and have a semblance of routine. 


Throw back a big glass of water when you wake up.

Maybe take a probiotic to help your digestion that day (I found this list to help you decide what probiotic might work well for you).


Move your body.

Go for a long walk, try a few yoga poses, play games with family or friends, challenge someone to tag, corn hole, or hide and seek, etc. Getting your blood flowing will help you to be more aware of your physical body.


Drink between drinks. 

Between every alcoholic beverage, soft drink, sweet iced tea, hot cocoa, hot toddy, etc., have one glass of water. This helps encourage proper hydration without feeling like you are missing out.


Leave the leftovers.

I know…not what you were expecting. By not taking home souvenirs, you are able to remain present during the day and enjoy the experience for what it is and then return to your normal routine. If you are hosting, consider donating your food to a shelter — double win! 

Meghan Ann Martin