Movement Motivation

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Movement Motivation


When the temps and your motivation plummet and it’s dark at 4pm, I understand the struggle to get yourself going. Scheduling workouts to keep consistency is one of the best tactics that I have found to work for me. I know that some folks like to set a spring goal, but I find that by maintaining my movement throughout the winter months means that I don’t have to get over a huge workout hurdle when sunshine returns. I have 7 tips to help motivate you to move (no matter what you choose). 


Let In The Light!

Mornings are dark. The first inclination is to hit snooze and pull the covers up over our heads. I have found it much easier to drag myself out of bed by turning on my light. As soon as my alarm goes off, I reach over and flip on my light switch - it’s a great way to combat that early morning laziness. When your bedroom is illuminated, your senses start to wake up. Try following this with a BIG glass of water, and a short meditation, and you’ll be bathed in a warm glow and a positive mind which will help you get yourself ready to brave the cooler temperatures. 

Get Your Blood Flowing Inside First

If the thought of going on a run is unbearable when you crawl out of bed, try warming your body up in your hallway or kitchen before you step outside to the dipping temperatures. A few jumping jacks, high knees, squats, sun salutations, lunges or burpees will get your heart pumping and start to push blood to all of your limbs and warm you up. You can get outside and start with a walk and gradually progress to your jog and it won’t feel as harsh as jumping into a cold pool! 

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Get Your Gear Up

Plan ahead. If you’re going for an early morning walk or run, or hopping in the car to head to the studio for a 6am flow, lay out your gear ahead of time. There is now a plethora of stylish outerwear that is built for the cold and having cozy clothes makes everything that much better. Lay out your jackets, ear warmers, gloves, and long socks so that you can literally throw everything on and keep it moving! 

Plug It In…Plug It In

Go on…treat yo’ self. If you’re a gym-goer and are planning to do some slow-steady cardio, bring your phone and listen to an awesome podcast or finish up a Netflix show. Sometimes I purposely don’t finish a book on tape so that I have something to look forward to. It’s a foolproof way to motivate myself and distract myself from the ominous early workout. 

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You’ll Beam After A Little Steam

No matter what, I’m pretty much always cold during the winter months. One thing that truly motivates me is the thought of being warm and toasty. I’ll make sure that I schedule a hot yoga class or I’ll spend a few minutes sitting in the sauna post workout. Sometimes all I need is the promise of heat and I’m good to go! 

Put Your Gym Bag In Your Car

I keep a gym bag in my trunk and pack my clothes for the next day each night (I sometimes do this on Sunday’s for the entire week so that I don’t have to make decisions and I can just grab and go). Truth be told, I have 2 of everything. 2 lotions, 2 hair dryers, 2 sets of make up. That makes my morning movement non-negotiable because I’m already set up for success. If you adopt this change (whether morning or night) you really have no excuse not to move!

Bring A Buddy

Yes, everyone knows that it is a natural motivation to have someone depending on you. I like to workout by myself, but on the mornings when I commit to meeting my sister or meeting a girlfriend, I am much more likely to follow through. By bringing a  buddy, you will put more pep in your tip the moment you realize that you are dragging. It’s a great way to destress, beat that afternoon slump, and connect with friends! 

Meghan Ann Martin