Half Crunchy Yogi/Half Business Babe

Half Crunchy Yogi/Half Business Babe



I’m writing this for myself just as much as I’m creating this for you all. No matter what your split - half dad/half NASA geek, half shop-a-holic/half accounting expert, half cat lady/half bungee jumping enthusiast (you get the point)…it is important to be able to find balance in the busy world we live in. Managing your time when you are “on the job” and when you are at home is a big feat and it requires everything you have and then some.  The idea of balanced living usually sounds more like an idealistic fairy-tail vs. an obtainable reality. 

Finding balance is something I am constantly working toward. For example: 

  • I have a full time job working in Marketing at a health and wellness company.
  • I maintain a solid yoga practice and workout schedule so that I am best able to support and provide insight to my community.
  • I’ve been working towards growing my blog and social channels for the past year. 
  • I am in the middle of a house sale and rebuild.
  • I am undergoing infertility treatments.

I’m often asked how I find time to do it all. The truth of the matter is, it is hard! It takes persistence, dedication, and determination. I can’t quite say that I’ve mastered everything, but I will share with you a few tips that I’ve learned along the way that can serve as “hacks” and hopefully inspire or motivate anyone who needs a little nudge! 


Make people (and your pet) a priority.

This one is first because I think it is the MOST important. When I fail to prioritize the people who I love and who love me in my life, everything seems to go awry. A simple human connection could be all that is needed to help get you over that hump. Look people in the eyes and give them your attention. Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. 

Send friends/family a card in the mail or pick up the phone and call someone 1x/week. Go to your niece’s dance recital instead of blogging - you’ll thank yourself after you do! When you get home, take 5 minutes (YES, just 5 more minutes) to pop a leash on your pup and take them for a neighborhood stroll. This priority is paramount in keeping my head on straight! 


Join your own studio. 

So if you’re not a yogi, join your own _____. Just fill in the blank here. This is meant for you to make space, both literally and figuratively for yourself. 

For me, I had to join my own studio where I wasn’t teaching. Whether it is true or not, I often felt that I couldn’t rest when my body was calling for rest because “I was a teacher”. Teachers are always students in the yoga practice and that is one thing that I value the most about yoga! Joining my own studio helped me to get out of my own head, connect with my space, and enjoy the time that I was giving to myself. 


Find time for self care.

Self care doesn't always have to be by yourself --- it can involve those you love and who love you! I make an effort to call, text, write, or see family and friends each week. I have dinner almost every night with my husband. We drink tea together after dinner and talk about our day, our dreams, our goals, and there are always a couple of jokes thrown in! 

I try to read a bit each day. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t, but it is a goal and I always feel better when I do. This year I purchased a massage package. I go monthly, and it is one of the best things that I have done for myself. Recently, I have gotten into manicures. I know they are expensive, but they make me feel good and that’s what counts! 


Designate days/times to relax (and stick to them).

I really enjoy cooking. I will sometimes end up cooking for myself, my husband, and some friends throughout the weekend. That requires a great deal of menu planning, frequent trips to Costco (which I LOVE), and a ton of prep work on the weekends. I  hold that time to be sacred and I wouldn't change it for the world because I believe it is important to nourish your body! In addition to cooking during my time "off", my husband and I like to go to church on Sundays and get a bit of extra sleep while juggling seeing friends. 

I am able to relax during my time spent doing each of these things because I have clearly defined my wants, goals, and boundaries. I turn my phone off after 8pm and make sure that I am in the bed by 8:30pm. I am usually doing work after that, but I'm giving myself the space to start to decompress and turn my attention inward. Another example is simply saying "no". I no longer feel that I am missing out on a Sunday Funday brunch because I am prepping for my week ahead. 


Work hard & Stay organized.

I think it has been hugely helpful to work backwards from deadlines and to categorize your "must do's" from your "to do's". For example, when I have a promotional yoga event or a huge deadline at work, I create my own mini milestones so that I know that I am tackling tasks without becoming overwhelmed. 

I also find that done is better than perfect. I have a narrow window of time to achieve each and every thing on my laundry list, but I've discovered that this is a blessing. My time is precious. When I have the clock against me, I really commit myself to the task at hand and end up being far more productive than if I'd had an extra 2-3 hours to mull over the perfect verbiage, or photo, or lighting...you get my drift. 

Those are just a few of my hacks, but being YOU is the best way to get it all done. Only you can do what you do in the way that you will do it. 

Meghan Ann Martin