Spirit & Mind Detox

Spirit and Mind Detox


Spring is a natural time to clear away toxins so the body can reboot after a long, sluggish winter. Sometimes I think it is important to have a mind and spirit detox in lieu of more traditional yoga flows or a thorough house deep cleaning!


This Spring, I’m working to put stress-busting strategies in place that are not only useful, but also enjoyable. From my experience, if you’re not into a certain mindfulness approach…it’s not likely to become a habit. The more we are able to live consciously, without without skimping on self care, the more we are able to be compassionate. Mental well-being is deep work, but it doesn’t always have to be so serious (insert the Joker’s voice: “Why so serious?”)

Meditation & Mindfulness

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, you can be a crystal-toting yogi who loves sound baths, a journaling junkie who is curious about cymbals, or a meditation maniac. Whatever level you’re at — keep with it!


Stress Management

Our perception of stress really matters—doctors remind us that relentless, chronic stress can be a major factor in inflammation and immune system breakdowns. Engaging in a 15 minute walk might be just what you need to calm the mind and reset your equilibrium. 


Relax & Sleep

Sleep / sleep quality might be the biggest factor in contributing to our overall health. I’ve noticed that the older that I get, the more sleep my body is starting to require. Gone are the days that getting 5 hours of sleep was a bragging right! To help maximize your zzz’s (if you struggle like me), explore a new bedtime/wakeup routine, check out some sleep or mediation apps, get massages, and keep essential oils in the bedroom for easier reach! 

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Cosmic Flow

I love a good medium or energy healer, but there are plenty of ways to tap into your own cosmic magic!  Try a chakra-balancing bath or go outside to watch the stars! If all else fails: watch a Netflix documentary! :)

Meghan Ann Martin