Corporate Yoga

We specialize in yoga group training experiences. What good is a therapeutic yoga session in the middle of your workday that you have to rush to get to, and leave sitting in traffic that makes you mad enough to kick your cat? We work to identify needs - whether it is stress relief, bonding, group camaraderie, overcoming challenges, meditation, etc. and are able to apply our years of knowledge to create the perfect yoga experience in your work space that is meaningful and inspiring. We uniquely tailor the experience. We arrive on time. You relax. You enjoy. You yoga.


Benefits of Corporate Yoga

  • Reduced Back Pain

  • Lower Burnout Rates

  • Less Hostility and Aggression

  • Less Absenteeism

  • Improved Attitudes and Productivity


Corporate Yoga Rates

$150/Session 1-4 people
$200/Session 5-20 people
(Events/Retreats/Seminars/Camps/etc. - pricing upon request)
***Discount available for 4+ sessions/month + 1 added wellness/coaching consultation as a bonus


Let's Get This On Our Calendars!

Please reach out to us directly. Let us know your name, your location, and your goals/limitations/injuries and we will build a program suitable to your needs while matching you with the perfect instructor!

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