Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about yogATL vs. studios in Atlanta that offer private/corporate lessons? 

yogATL works with talented yoga instructors all around Atlanta to provide clients with a tailored yoga session at a location and a time that is conducive with their busy lives. yogATL is committed to giving back to the Atlanta community through our philanthropic partnership with the Atlanta Beltline. We are working to empower and build our thriving Atlanta city that we call home.


How much does it cost? 

1-4 people = $150
5-20 people = $200
(Events/Retreats/Seminars/Camps/etc. - pricing upon request)
***Discount available for 4+ sessions/month + 1 added wellness/coaching consultation as a bonus


Is there a space available to host a yoga session if there is not an available space on the premises?

Yes! We partner with studios around Atlanta so that we can arrange a private space for the session.


Can each session be tailored to accommodate a beginner/advanced/intermediate level practitioner? What type of class styles are available?

Yes! Every yoga session can be tailored to any goals or levels. Injuries and pregnancies are easily accommodated as well. Reach out with a specific request if there is a desired style of yoga or desired focus area (i.e. Hatha, Yin, meditation, unwind with yoga and wine, etc).


Is it possible to select a specific yoga instructor? 

No. This is not Tinder and you cannot swipe left or right. yogATL works to select the best yoga instructor suited to deliver the best lesson based on the location, time, and outline of the requested class - leave the match-making to us, Cupid! 


Is it possible to book more than one class or arrange a set schedule?

Yes! Clients are encouraged to arrange a recurring session. We offer a discount for 4+ sessions per month and will provide one complimentary wellness screening/consultation with the first 4+ session booking! Several of our clients receive discounts in their healthcare plans by implementing a regular corporate session.


What is the proper attire and equipment for a yoga session?

Bring water, a towel, and a mat. For clothing, comfort and fit are key so you can focus on doing the poses instead of fussing around with your outfit. Wear clothing that is comfortable and made of a breathable fabric. We suggest form-fitting garments that are not tight or binding - you’ll get enough binding on your mats!


What are the benefits of yoga? 

Yoga transforms the body, the spirit, and the mind. The benefits range from increased strength to flexibility to heart health. Yoga Journal outlines 38 benefits to rolling out your mats! 


Does yogATL offer props/yoga mats?

We are able to bring mats for a small fee, but encourage you to use your own (pricing upon request).  Blocks and/or straps are also welcome but certainly not required.


Is a knowledge of basic poses required to participate?

No! Our instructors are equipped to teach poses to all levels of yogis! 


What's next after booking a private or corporate yoga session?

After your initial outreach, you will be sent several documents prior to the instructor arriving: A welcome packet, customized proposal, client services agreement, intake form, instructor bio, as well as a "Chaturanga Checklist."


What can be expected from the instructor? 

Expect your instructor to arrive 10 minutes early. The instructor should arrive with their mat, music, and a smile! The instructor will lead a 60 minute session at the location and time of your choosing.


Does the instructor need to be provided with anything for setup?

We ask for a clean space to “set up shop” and any room specifics that we may need to be aware of upon entry and exit. Parking: When scheduling a session on our website, please indicate parking instructions. If the building requires parking validation - please provide that to the onsite instructor. If the building offers only paid parking - we will include the hourly charge in your invoice. 


What are the instructor's credentials?

All of our instructors are at a minimum 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teachers) through the Yoga Alliance. The scheduled instructor’s bio will be sent to you prior to the session. Each instructor is insured under yogATL. 


Should instructors be tipped?

No - save that dough and pay it forward in some way. We compensate our instructors after each session.



Have another question - poke us! Wait, is that still a thing?